Art & Science project provide unique means┬áto enrich my research by singular questions. The art allows me to easily open new universes that┬átechnician and scientific don’t explore spontaneously. Science and technology give tools and knowledge to the artists that is often useful in others applications.


  • Virtual Reality and Interactive system

  • Multimodal based on physical model : multiprocessor and multifrequency computing
  • Haptic feedback : 6 dofs kinematic with physical model, Haptic and Tactile integration
  • Tactile feedback : Intuitive touch device for collaboration
  • Nanolearner : Atomic force microscopy teaching (Price of pedagogic innovation – CETSIS 2010)

  • Computer Music

  • Audio/Haptic devices – Instrumental interaction
  • Musical interface drived by biological signals
  • Electronic interface inspired by guitar

  • Interactive Art

  • Software for art creation based on multi-agent system
  • Audiovisual interactive system for danse experiment
  • Multimedia and itinerant installation for painting collaboration


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